“When I first went to Dr. Etemad, I was suffering from Anxiety attacks. Dr. Etemad and his assistant and staff were so understanding and compassionate that they made me feel very comfortable right from the start.

I had not been to the dentist in 2.5 years. Unfortunately, due to the condition of my teeth, my first procedure was a root canal. I can honestly say that my treatment went off without a hitch and left with a smile. I have since had a filling and another root canal on a molar and I am now anxiety free. My procedures were absolutely PAIN FREE and I highly recommend Dr. Etemad’s practice for a very professional, friendly stress-free experience when taking care of your dental health.
Thank You.”

Helen Vance, Prescott, Ontario



"West Dental is a state-of-the-art dental clinic where a visit is a most pleasant experience.  The clinic is new,  impeccably clean and very well located in Kanata.  Whether visiting for a simple cleaning, or a more elaborate procedure, Dr. Etemad and his staff always ensure their work quality meets the highest professional standards."      

Sylvain Lafreniere, Ottawa, Ontario

"Hi my name is Lorie Armstrong; before I started seeing Dr. Etemad on a regular basis nothing and I mean nothing brought  me to my knees quicker than the mere thought of going to the dentist.   My overwhelming fear from past experiences had prevented me from looking for, and going to the dentist. I avoided it like the plague, and only went when it was absolutely necessary. 
 Inevitably, A few years ago that dreaded day came...... O.M.G.  I had to find a dentist, so I started making calls. I had only one criteria, the dentist I went to  had to have Gas, Laughing gas that is, no gas, no go!! Dr. Edmad was the first dentist to answer yes to the gas question so no longer having any choice in the matter at hand, I reluctantly made the appointment.
Appointment day was here and with my anxiety level at " Code Red"  I slowly walked into the dentist office. When I met Dr. Edmad, I found him to be very knowledgeable,  confident, and friendly. What impressed me the most was that he was very sensitive and compassionate to my obvious distress. He assured me he was only checking, and no work was to be done  today. I had not been to a dentist in years so when he told me I needed a  ROOT CANAL  (yes I said ROOT CANAL), a crown and three fillings, I was devastated, and at that moment my life was over!!!! Trying to console me the best he could,  He assured me that I would be fine, and explained how dentistry had come a long way and It would not be as bad as I thought it would be. He said he would do all he could do to make me  more comfortable about the whole thing. Comfortable, yeah right was my first thought, but what was I to do I had no choice, so I made the appointment to have the work done.
Well, appointment day came. There I sat in the chair awaiting my sentence.  HE came in with the gas tank and I told him to crank it full. Once the gas was in effect he began. When it was all said and done, I had survived and I really did feel better about everything. I couldn't believe it but you know, Dr. Edmad was right!!!!   It wasn't as bad as I  had imagined it to be. Relieved and Grateful, I now see Dr. Edmatd on a more regular basis.  My over all oral care is much better, and I haven't had another root canal since. I always get the gas, but you know, thanks to Dr. Edmad I don't pass out  over it any more!!!"
Lorie Armstrong, Kanata, Ontario

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