There is no shortage of the so called "cosmetic" dentists in your neighbourhood. A Google search will give you more than enough choices. The reality is that most cosmetic work involving porcelain (e.g. crowns or veneers) is done in a dental laboratory outside the dental office. What you see in the end is the work of the lab. So does that mean that an excellent dental laboratory can give you the same results no matter who the dentist is? The answer is: absolutely not! The dentist's vision and creativity will draft the blueprint for what the lab needs to know and to do. It forms the foundation upon which the lab technician can then build his/her craft. The lab creates the work but at the end of the day all visual aspects of it (shape, form, color, contour, alignment, length, width, thickness, angles ... etc.) will be the decision of your "cosmetic" dentist.

Now out of all those "cosmetic" dentists in your search results it may be a bit of a challenge to find the right person. One that not only has that vision and creativity naturally and can prove it but also someone that you can trust. Dr. Etemad is that cosmetic dentist you're looking for. His flawless quality dental work does not need any introduction. Just have a look at over 90 before and after cases, especially the section titled 'restoring teeth with white fillings' where you can truly appreciate his own dentistry without involving the lab.


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